Dorje Drolö Drubchö 2014

From Sunday 13th April 2014 at 5 pm to Sunday
20th April 2014 at 8 am at Evolène
(Valais, Switzerland)

The Dorje Drolo Drubcho practiced during this week was composed by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche and consists in an intensive recitation of a text including numerous specific visualisations (meditations) and their respective mantras.

This method allows to deepen and stabilize our capacity to practice in a coordinated manner with the body, speech and mind, reaching hence a more positive and beneficial state of mind. It is said that the Dorje Drolö practice is one of the most powerful mean of the Tibetan Buddhism Nyingmapa school to understand, pacify and recognise our own nature of mind.
The rarity of the Masters who have the ability to transmit, teach and guide this kind of practice makes this retreat an extraordinary event. Thus, Namkha Rinpoche allowed each participant to benefit from his incredible experience of this Dorje Drolo Drubcho, being his heart practice among all others.

Pictures of the retreat